The current legal state of ma huang is still a dilemma to many people since FDA banned the
sale of the drug in America. Although the law still states that selling of the product illegal in
the American market, there is a conflict of interest. In early 2004, the drug was banned under
claims that it had many side effects to the lives of many people. Though FDA could not give
enough evidence to support the ban, it is still effective. There are different interesting reasons
about the sell of ma huang in America, which make the truth about the drug hard to know.

First people used the drug openly and it is quite interesting how you they were not concerned
about any risks that could result from the use of the drug. This is a very interesting thing and
many Americans are still questioning why FDA imposed a ban on the product.

Another reason of interest is the long time span that the drug has been used. It was in use for
thousands of years ago and used over all this period and it is ridiculous how it can be banned
from use after being in the market for more than 5000 years. This very interesting situation
leaves many people wondering whether it is good to ban the drug. Over all this years, it has
remained supportive to many people especially the Chinese who discovered it.

Furthermore, it is also not clear why FDA had to ban the use of Huang since medical surveys
have revealed that the drug is safe to use and people should continue enjoying it as there are
no adverse effects that come with it. This is a very bad experience, as FDA does not give clear
justification of banning even after it has scientific proves that it brings many benefits to the

When the drug was banned, it was a very bad experience to the produces as it meant that
specialists look for different replacements, which could take a lot of time to become effective
in the market. Judging from business perspective, this was a very weird experience and loss to
many businesses.

Although ma huang was banned in 2004, professionals changed the ban in 2005 after serious
court protest. The reality is that FDA could not give enough evidence that the product was not
effective in treating different ailments. This is a very amazing thing to many people and it is not
yet clear. You can also sell the drug in America in its natural form but not as a supplement. The
situation has raised differences and people are still asking the truth about the ban.

Looking at the different solutions that come with the drug, you can use it to make your
experience great. You can cut fat and reduce appetite with the drug. Some of the sources
where you can get the real further information on the drug include http://ma-huang.org/. You
can get more information before you use the drug for any ailments.

Barry Barber
8/7/2013 03:09:44

Where can ma huang be purchased in it's natural form?

8/29/2013 13:02:05

I have some for sale. Contact assisting solutions at wizeup881@gmail.com

8/12/2013 05:00:50

they have organic pure potent ma huang and other organic herbs there very trust worthy site.

5/23/2016 04:50:37

What is the site?

4/5/2014 07:18:01

I used a product that was advertised in an infomercial in 2001. It was called Thermoslim. It ONLY contained Ma Huang with a certain portion consisting of arial parts. There was NO caffeine, just PURE Ma Huang. It worked great! Is this what you have - just PURE Ma Huang without caffeine or anything else?


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